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At Clarisound, We Care

You can now purchase your hearing aid batteries online! As a bonus, for all our Clarisound customers, we provide FREE shipping within Malaysia.

We will only recommend hearing aid batteries that are of the highest quality for our users

Rayovac has developed an advanced test regime that accurately reflects device and consumer requirements. Following the most recent guidelines established by ANSI and IEC, battery performance, quality, and reliability are strictly monitored assuring that you and your customers receive the very best performance battery after battery. Rayovac peak performance batteries are made in the UK.


Hearing Aid Battery Size 10
Hearing Aid Battery Size 13
Hearing Aid Battery Size 312
Hearing Aid Battery Size 675

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Recycle Used Hearing Aid Batteries

At Clarisound, we are about making a difference! Yes, we care for the environment too!

To help make it easier for you to be able to recycle your used hearing aid batteries, collection containers are available at all Clarisound Professional Hearing Care outlets. Keep an eye out for them and you can drop your used batteries there.